Meet the team

Health, fitness and lifestyle for men

Mark Lloyd

Coach Lloydy co-owns Brawd Men’s Health and is a qualified Personal Trainer, a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach and a stand-up paddleboarding instructor.

Lloydy isn’t a world-class athlete and sometimes enjoys craft beer and chips.

He has a young family which quite a lot of the time can be very stressful but some of the time just wonderful… but quite a lot of the time very stressful.

Daf Stone

Originally from the Vale of Glamorgan, Daf is a level 3 (CYQ) Personal Trainer and First Aid Instructor, Qualified Gym Instructor and Certified Group-fitness coach

Coach Daf is one of the founding partners of Brawd and Ms.Fit, and when not with his young family can usually be found on a Wednesday evening coaching his weekly strength and conditioning classes for both the Ms.Fit ladies and men of Brawd!


Jen is a qualified Bootcamp Instructor, Level 2 (CYQ) Gym Instructor and Level 3 (CYQ) Personal Trainer.

Jen is the Operations Manager at Brawd & Ms.Fit. Being a part of the group initially as a member when it first stared she soon found a passion for fitness and the group values resulting in her wanting to be more involved working with our members towards reaching their goals.

Craig Nichol

Craig has been working in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years and has acquired qualifications, to and beyond a Personal Trainer.

He currently works full time as a GP Referral Professional which helps encourage people to become more active with medical histories.
Craig believes that when it comes to training group fitness classes, like Bootcamps, nothing beats seeing that camaraderie, commitment and those unbelievable transformations.
It’s not just a fitness class, it’s a lifestyle and a way of life.

Andy Davies

He is a qualified Bootcamp and Gym instructor & Level3 PT. He’s also completed his Level1 Crossfit coaching course

He takes great pride in crossing the finish line with them as he was in their position not long ago.

Andy grew up outside either surfing or on a bike, he was always either wet, muddy or jumping off something and is trying to instill a love of the outdoors in his kids who luckily share his enthusiasm of the sea and gravity sports.

He moved to London in his early twenties where life overtook sport but after returning to Wales he re-ignited his interest in fitness when he agreed to participate in a 10k Mudrunner after a few pints of cider! He struggled through, but since then has completed numerous Mudrunner events, Tough Mudders, Toughest and a few other obstacle races, mostly with members of BRAWD.

Nicola Peters

Following a personal transformation and lifestyle change Nic became one of our qualified instructors in 2016 and more recently qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist.

Coach Nic has been part of Ms.Fit since 2014, starting as a fellow member herself. Wanting something a bit more meatier than the average exercise class, Nic came along for her free trial and never left.

Alun Harries

Alun is an ex professional sports man, Exercise Science graduate , Level 3 qualified PT and GP Referral practitioner .

Alun is also a Coach Educator for WRU and delivers the World Rugby S&C Coach Education programme across Wales.

Aluns day job is in Community Enterprise Development and hacks his way around the golf course in his spare time !

Jason Davies

JD will never be first to run a marathon but give him a tyre to flip or a kettlebell to swing and he’s in his element, echoing the many aspects of MsFit – there’s something for everyone!

JD is the big, beardy man of the group, working behind the scenes to help find new members of the MsFit family and provide online support. He has been a part of MsFit’s all male counterpart – Brawd – since day one and helps and benefits from the family he’s found in the MsFit and Brawd members. Through the team, he also cultivated a love of the water and found the wonderful sport of paddleboarding, something he’d never have tried without Ms.Fit and Brawd.

Julie- Swansea coach

Julie is a fully insured qualified Level 2 Gym Instructor.

I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors and thrive in that environment. I am a busy mum of two with a smallholding and a part time job (that I love) as a Forest school leader in our local primary school. My personal interests in sport revolve around running and triathlon and I’m currently undertaking my WA running coaching qualification alongside my Personal Training qualification. I’m heavily involved in our local running club DCR and my love for running has further fuelled my interest and passion for strength and conditioning. As a coach I like to vary all my sessions and be as inclusive as possible, everything is achievable. I have a particular interest in boxing, body weight and KB s and currently training to be a certified KB instructor.
I love Ms.Fit and all that it stands for, it has been shown time and time again that the physical and mental benefits of exercising and being outside are unrivalled particularly within a group environment and that we can all achieve our goals with the right help and support.
Since undertaking my own journey into fitness at the age 26, I’ve progressed from being unable to run to the end of the road to qualifying for the World OCR team Champs, winning the Summer around the Reservoir Marathon and completing Ironman Wales.

Gareth Cleaver

Owner of Ms.Fit Bridgend
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Circuit Training
Kettlebell Training
Boxercise Instructor
Suspension Training
First Aid
Level 2 Gym Instructor

With 20 years + experience in the fitness industry, I am proud to claim that I am a fully qualified personal trainer with many successful clients.

With my fun, friendly approach my focus is always on getting the people i work with the right results for them.

Along with my 20 years experience in the industry , i also have 41 years of life experience.

I’ve gone from being 19 stone of love handles (living a lifestyle only the Rolling Stones would be impressed with!) to the complete opposite where I’ve dropped down to 11 stone of skin and bones. I went from wanting to be more muscular, bulky and to be able to lift heavy weights, to wanting to be smaller and ripped and have my abs showing.

Experiencing these different stages of my fitness journy has equipt me with the right knowledge to know how to help people who are going through the same




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