About us

Going it alone is tough and that’s why we’ve been helping people in the Vale feel fitter, healthier and happier in the great outdoors since 2013!

Mark Lloyd (Owner)

Lloydy is the Founder of Brawd so he’s passionate about doing this “exercise thing” slightly differently to everyone else and in living life the Brawd way.

“My job is to make sure you’ll love training with us, have fun and get fit. I also want you to laugh a lot so that you want to come back for more!

The idea is do die young as late as possible”

Lloydy is also a passionate paddle boarder (SUP) and certified SUP instructor.

Taylor Owen Mason (Coach & Media)

Taylor has been in your shoes, he had a massive fitness transformation loosing over 100lbs & now he’s an Adventure Athlete.
His feats include:
-becoming the first person to carry a 60kg strongman yoke 20 miles
-pushing a 110kg tractor tyre up Pen-Y-Fan
-setting the worlds 1st record for the most sledgehammer slams in 24 hours.
His approach to ‘fitness’ is all about a “functional lifestyle” full of diversity & cherry picking the best trianing methods using everything from martial arts & weightlifting to ancient warrior tribes & dance.
He’s passionate about climbing, the outdoors, surfing and is also a professional photographer so remember to say cheese!

Tom Jennings (Coach)

Tom has always found exercise has the ability to improve how he feels both physically and mentally. Tom finds that sharing these benefits through Brawd is extremely rewarding and watching people take it on and battle their own adversities is extremely gratifying.

Basically making people live happier lives makes Tom happy.

Craig Nichol (Coach)

Craig has been working in the fitness industry 20+ years. He Has obtained both Lvl 3 Personal Trainer and Lvl 4 specialist qualifications so he can work with customers in areas of Cancer, Stroke and Mental Health. He has also been awarded Kettlebell and Suspension Trainer instructor qualifications.
Craig has always kept himself fit and active over the years. Running long distance with the occasional 5km distance for a quick session.
He took on a challenge where he ran the National 3 Peaks with a team, raising money for charity. Starting at Ben Nevis, and finishing at the bottom of Snowden. It took 4 days and covered over 100 miles to reach the end. It was just over a marathon a day. He called it his midlife crisis.
Craig loves working with people and encouraging them to change their lifestyles. To witness them achieve their goals and being happy within themselves, physically and mentally is one of the most rewarding aspects of his job and one of the reasons he enjoys what he does.

Nic Peters (Bootcamp Coach)

Coach Nic started her Brawd journey as a member back in 2015. 2 years in and following a complete body and lifestyle transformation Nic joined the team as one of our coaches in 2017, enhancing her knowledge by qualifying in sports massage in 2018.
Like most members of the Brawd community she loves a challenge, taking on many mountain challenges over the years including the Welsh and National 3 Peaks. She loves to run and has completed various distance races but most proudest of building up to and completing a 32 mile ultra marathon.
Her love for the outdoors is reflected in her coaching style in one of our weekly outdoor wild bootcamps. Coaching groups in and around the various beauty spots in the Vale using the stunning surroundings as her backdrop, Coach Nics bootcamps are energetic, fast passed but most of all fun!

Jo Morgan (Bootcamp Coach)

Jo’s love of the outdoors started with growing up on a farm, and playing rugby (badly!) during her teens and twenties. Following six years of structured gym training and working with her own PT, Jo’s full appreciation of outdoor fitness came during the Covid lockdowns, when exercise provided daily structure, and the time and means to manage both her physical and mental health. This prompted the decision to turn her passion into a profession, and retrain as a PT. She enjoys functional fitness to improve strength and mobility, and running around the beauty spots of the Vale. She completed her first Tough Mudder in 2021. The ideal training plan is a mix of both strength and cardio, but the best form is the one that you enjoy and can stick to. Jo’s aim is to push you enough to get results, and support you enough so you keep coming back!