Why Suspension Training?


You want a fantastic, portable and amazing way of training? Training that has endless options, can build muscle, endurance, help with rehab and at the same time be set up in minutes?

Welcome to the Brawd Introduction to Suspension Trainer Programme.

If you’ve never used a Suspension Trainer before then strap yourself in (literally) as this is going to change your training forever!

The suspension trainer is one of our favourite ‘go to’ tools in Brawd, so we’ve carefully crafted this Programme from some of our Suspension Trainer qualified coaches. 

Aim and Programme Overview

The aim of this programme is simple:

  • To work all planes of movement in the Body (basically think of every way you ‘could move’)
  • To gradually build strength and endurance over the programme duration
  • To introduce you to suspension trainer fundamentals in workouts that are under 30 mins
  • To build a great foundation and your confidence for more advanced programmes we have in store down the line.

 Week 1 –  Introduction to the foundation exercises (Basic Timings)

Week 2  – Endurance and Build Phase 1(Basic Timings)

Week 3 – Endurance and Build Phase 2 (Intermediate Timings)

Week 4/5– Endurance and Build Phase 3 (Intermediate/Advanced)…let’s blow the bloody doors off!!

If you follow the programme you will experience increased whole body strength, endurance and better mobility.

You’ll lose some fat probably too!

Useful tips

  • Timings will vary

    Gymboss is a good time keeping app for your phone. You can use it to program different intervals

  • Exercise choice

    You can scale the intensity of most exercises but decreasing the angle of your body.

  • Stay Hydrated

    Always have some water available when exercising

  • Don’t be a hero

    If you feel faint or dizzy, stop immediately

  • Motivation

    Post in the group or just let us know you’ve completed the session