Welcome to Day 20 – REST DAY

Take a Break today.

Maybe use the time to focus on the fuel you put in your Body?

Ask in our Facebook group and we’ll help!

Some light entertainment!

16 of our Brawd Members on a Monster Stand Up Paddleboard?

What happens next?

Tell our Online
Community what you got up to on your rest day


  • Muscle grows only during rest

    To cut a very long and complicated story short. Muscle doesn’t grow in a workout. Muscle rebuilds when rested

  • Nutrition on rest days

    For 90% of us – just eat as per our Nutritional Programme guidance today

  • I really don’t want a Rest day

    That’s fine. If you like just pick a workout from our 30d movement challenge. Off you go now

  • Get some Music on

    When was the last time you chilled to some music? A podcast?

  • Struggle on Rest Days?

    Get a pen and paper and write down something you love but don’t do any more. Then take a small step to moving towards actually doing that ‘something’. See what happens

Tell everyone how good you feel !!