Welcome to Day 30

Coach Andy in action during a Saturday morning session at our Vale of Glamorgan Lifestyle Centre….

Barrifornia ūüôā

Its Cardio day!

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean running for hours on end.

At BRAWD we are big fans of just letting you do what you want.

If its fun and gets you moving for 20/30 mins then that’s fine by us.

You could go out for a walk, swim, jog?

If you need a bit more structure then why not try some interval training today?

Increasing Cardiovascular endurance (basically training your heart and lungs) is really important.

We know you can’t see them but trust us… get your heart and lungs more efficient and you’ll thank us for it in 10 years.

So onto intervals.

They allow you to go hard for the set amount of time safe in the knowledge you will have a rest period before going again.

By gradually increasing the work time and decreasing the rest you will soon be comfortable donning your daps and just going for a run to explore your local area.

Today’s plan –

  • Warm up 5 minutes – start with a brisk walk and work your way into a jog
  • Run 5 minutes
  • Rest 1 minute
  • Repeat 5 times
  • Cool Down using the video below

Tell everyone how good you feel !!

Cool Down Videos

Strapped for time? Use video 1

More time? Use  video 1 but hold each stretch a little longer

Got about 10 mins? Use Video 2

VIDEO 1-  Full body stretch 2 mins 30 secs

VIDEO 2 РFull body stretch 12 mins

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Community how you did!

Cardio TIPS

  • Scale the exercise back if you need to

    Like any type of Fitness, Cardio training needs to be built up and is a skill. Scale back if you need to, or upscale if you need more.

  • Why bother with Cardio?

    Lower your heart beat by 6 bpm. That’s 8640 bpm saved per day. That’s 31,449,600 bpm saved over 10 years!! Who’s heart would you like to own?

  • I hate running

    At Brawd we love being outside so get creative. Just get out and walk for 20-30 mins at a faster pace than usual. Walk around the park, beach, city? Doesn’t matter. Stuck for ideas? Just post in our online Facebook group and we’ll give you some inspiration.

  • User a Timer App

    Use a Timer App like Gymboss. There are many out there so pick one that suits you.

  • Get some Music on

    Sometimes you’re not in the mood. So keep that playlist handy to “trigger” yourself into action

  • Don’t be afraid to ask

    If you’re not getting it or have a question, don’t be a typical bloke and keep it to yourself… just ask in our Online Facebook community.

Tell everyone how good you feel !!