Welcome to Day 4 – REST DAY

Take a Break today.
Can’t sit still? Try a bit of foam rolling like Coach Lloydy above.

Don’t know how?

Ask in our Facebook group and we’ll help!

Some light entertainment!

16 of our Brawd Members on a Monster Stand Up Paddleboard?

What happens next?

Tell our Online
Community what you got up to on your rest day


  • Muscle grows only during rest

    To cut a very long and complicated story short. Muscle doesn’t grow in a workout. Muscle rebuilds when rested

  • Nutrition on rest days

    For 90% of us – just eat as per our Nutritional Programme guidance today

  • I really don’t want a Rest day

    That’s fine. If you like just pick a workout from our 30d movement challenge. Off you go now

  • Get some Music on

    When was the last time you chilled to some music? A podcast?

  • Struggle on Rest Days?

    Get a pen and paper and write down something you love but don’t do any more. Then take a small step to moving towards actually doing that ‘something’. See what happens

Tell everyone how good you feel !!