1. What do you do for a living? If your job was made obsolete what would you be doing?
Currently working as a driving instructor, keeping the pedestrians of the vale safe every day.
Hmmm that a tough one as I am cooped up in a car for 10 hours a day at present it would have to be something in the outdoors but not sure what.

2. What the toughest thing you’ve done in a Brawd shirt? What challenges are you looking forward to this year?
That would have to be either one of them Daf the destroyer sessions or Andy Davies’s Thursday sessions on that lovely hill overlooking the Knap.
Lots of challenges this year, Darth Manion (obstacle course race) in March and the Cardiff ½ marathon in October, they are the big ones for me as running is not a strong point for me.

3. Who would you most like to teach advanced driving skills to and who would you like a lesson from?
Well I have been monitoring the driving of my fellow Brawd’s, but would never pass comment without the correct fee being paid.
I would love to try a track day apparently cars can go over 30 mph?!

4. What was it like winning Brawd Most Inspirational Member of the Year Award 2015?
Very surprised but chuffed to be chosen by the guys, I hoped it would go to a great member of the group this year and Pops (Andrew Harris) deserved it.

5. When driving around, not teaching, what’s your go-to music or podcast or news or sport to listen to?
I do love a bit of Stereophonics but most of the 90’s music is ok.

6. Which type of Brawd session do you look forward to the most and which tests your mettle the most?
Always look forward to a Monday session with Craig Nicholl, the Aussie Wizard, great to drive the weekend out of the system, always something different in the workouts.

7. Alien invasion or the return of the dinosaurs: which would you be more likely to survive? And which 3 Brawd members would help?
Defiantly the return of the dinosaurs it might help me to work on my running pace I would also have to bring along the Rhoose massive, Jackson Harris for his humour, Andrew Harris he could talk us out of trouble if we get caught and if that fails we can get Simon Watts to wrestle them.

8. Your son trained with Brawd for a while, what was that like? Was there any competition between you?
He use to run circles around me so no competition, I do still encourage his to start training again maybe he will come back at some point.
It is nice not to have to wait for the shower when I get home though.

9. Apart from a Brawd session, what’s your main form of relaxation after a day’s driving? If there were no limits, what would you be doing and where?
My 10 year old daughter swims and my 15 year old son plays football so when I am not working or training I spend as much time as I can with the kids.

10. What impact has Brawd had on your life?
Before Brawd I would spend most of my time on the sofa or pottering around the hose, since joining up nearly 3 years ago it has kick started my life, feeling healthier and I now have a truck full of energy.

11. What are your health and fitness goals moving forward?
I still have a lot of weight to get rid of and this year I am focused on improving my running distance and pace.

12. What is your favourite nutritional meal and what is your guilty pleasure?
I love a summer salad and quality piece of steak, I don’t cook at all that’s on my to do list,
Guilty pleasure has to be ice cream this is a weakness for me.

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