1. What do you do for a living? Which job in Santa’s grotto could you fill?

I’m the operations manager at K.C.S. Transport Ltd. It’s a family run company, with myself and my father. Together we operate a fleet of 20 articulated trucks with our own workshop facilities. We carry mostly aggregate and coal material around Wales. In Santa’s grotto I’d help out in the wrapping department. I love wrapping presents. Crap at buying them and everything else that goes with it, but I love wrapping them up!!!

2. What was the Brawd/MsFit Christmas party like?

The Brawd/MsFit Christmas party this year was my first one, but it definitely lived up to all the hype and my expectations! Great company, really good fun and an opportunity see everyone outside of the boot camp environment.

3. What is it like having a partner who trains with our all-female group: MsFit? Have you trained together, is there any competition etc?

I love the fact that Claire my wife has joined MsFit. It’s great for us both to be working towards the same thing. Getting healthier, losing weight, moaning about DOMS and burpees!! We have 3 sons so it’s very difficult for us to train together and tend to play tag team with the kids between the boot camps which works well for us because of the Brawd & MsFit class times. But when we go to Tenby I love going for a jog with her and we do some exercises on the bandstand overlooking St Catherine’s, it’s lush! We always have a laugh and it cracks me up when we demonstrate to each other what we have been doing in the boot camps in our kitchen!!! If I do try and get competitive she just tells me to carry on and doesn’t rise to it!

4. Which sports do you enjoy watching/taking part in? If there was a Brawd Team, what sport would we be participating in?

I used to love playing squash a long time ago, but since starting Brawd I can honestly say I would give any sports a go. I started paddle boarding and sea kayaking in the summer and had a go of the zorbing football with the Brawd gang and that was great. I’m mad for the dads vs sons Christmas Santa rugby match over the next few weeks, so to answer the question any sports! Brawd Team, again I think most of the boys are up for anything and together we would give best effort to any team sport. But a Brawd Rugby team would absolutely crack me up, especially after seeing Kelvin Griffiths’ and Gary Llewellyn’s scrummaging technique on a recent retreat weekend!!!

5. Indoors, Porthkerry Park or a Saturday morning down the beach, which is your favourite venue to train?

I love everywhere!!! Every session is always so varied, if you’re at Porthkerry going on yomps they are great fun, but also the Tommy Hilfiger boot camp was great too. I love the sessions at Atlantic way, sweating like crazy on a Monday with Craig and far more physical strength sessions on a Wednesday with Daf. The island is always great, again variety, Andy spices up Tuesday mornings and you never know what Lloydy is going to come up with on Thursday nights and Saturday morning. I love the ones in Penarth with Jenny on a Friday morning, but I’m working on later starts in work to get the timings right.

6. As it’s Christmas, which one gift would you like to receive (regardless of price or availability)?

Is this where I’m supposed to be cliché and say world peace?! That would be amazing, but unlikely. I would have to say, Porsche 356 speedster. My favourite car. Completely pointless and impractical with 3 young sons and the ridiculous price tag, but you did say anything! If you asked my wife she would probably say that I would want an unlimited credit on sports direct!! I’m always on the website buying leggings or t-shirts or running gloves and socks. I chuckle at thought of Claire’s face when Andy (on first name terms!) the delivery guy turns up with more active wear!

7. Pick 5 elements from all our sessions (i.e. running, burpees, bench press, TRX etc.) and combine them to make a ‘Kenny Workout Surprise’ and where would this take place?

Kenny Ken’s workout surprise would have to consist of Burpees, Burpees, Burpees! I love to hate them, smashing down to the floor as quickly as I can counting the time or numbers down. I am determined to get better at them going forward as when I first started Brawd I struggled to bang out 2 or 3 of them. Also resistance bands, a bit of running in between the exercises 400-500m and single arm kettle bells swings with some heavy farmers walks just to finish you right off!! Venue would be the old harbour when the tide is out, I love it down there.

8. iPod/mp3/CD/Vinyl shuffle: which are the first for songs that come up?

I’ve got a weird grungy / cheesy collection of music, probably the first 4 would be something like: Barenaked Ladies: If I Had a $1,000,000
Pearl Jam: Footsteps
Ben Howard: Keep Your Head Up
Live: Selling The Drama

9. Have you attempted any Obstacle Course Races (OCRs) or have you planned any for next year?

I apprehensively did INVNCBL Cardiff back in October as one of the Brawd guys had tickets as he couldn’t make the day and I never looked back. I had a brilliant day. The camaraderie, craic and laughs lasted all day and well into the evening celebrations! I’m pretty sure I smiled the whole way around the course! I’ve caught the OCR bug now and next year I’m going for the iNVNCBL triad and I’ve even signed my Wife Claire up for the Merthyr Mawr one. I can’t wait! The Darth Mannion in March and Tough Mudder. I’m pretty sure there will be others to add to the Kenny Ken fixture list for next year!

10. What impact has Brawd had on your life?

Where to start? Before I started Brawd at the end of June this year I did nothing in terms of physical exercise! Everything was an effort. Work used to really get me stressed out and I would pounce on staff with the ethos that they were either with me or against me, and I would bring all this tension and anxiety home to my family. Also at home I was lethargic and used to serial watch box sets and even make sandwiches whilst my wife was sorting out dinner for the evening. Claire and I would easily drink a bottle of Jack Daniels honey or a few bottles of wine a night after we got the children to bed. Since starting Brawd nothing really phases me anymore. I love every aspect of Brawd. The boot camps and Brawd members have helped me carry on and finish the WOD’s and the shout outs of: ‘only 10 more’ and ‘you’re almost there’ from all the boys and coaches has kept me coming back for more every session week on week. They are real genuine people, no space cadets, no arseholes just good guys! I used to walk the dog around the block thinking that was a good walk and a decent bit of fresh air and exercise!!! Now I go for 5 mile runs 3 times a week before work! I have so much more energy to take my sons and my wife out and spend quality time with them. We go paddle-boarding, for mini Brawd adventures at Porthkerry Park and long walks down the beautiful beaches of Barrybados. Previously I would be too worried to take them on the high ropes or to a trampoline park because of the weight restrictions! I’m choking up as I’m writing this as I haven’t really reflected on the old me that much. I have lost almost 4 stone since I started Brawd, it has been life changing for me. I want to keep up the enthusiasm and keep looking forward. Brawd has helped me be open to doing and trying anything new. Any activities, OCR’s or anything else that life throws at me, I’m ready and up for it! I feel like a better father, a better husband and overall a better man.

11. What are your health and fitness goals moving forward?

To keep on keeping on! The variety that Brawd offers is perfect for me. So I will be continuing with the boot camps in 2018 and beyond. I find the boot camps are great for stress relief as well as the obvious physical benefits. I’m also going to keep trying to beat Chris Simmons in the Fitbit work week step challenges! I need to work on my running, both pace and distance. It’s getting better but I want to focus especially on hill running ready for Darth Mannion. I would also like to build up enough strength to do pull ups on my own without the resistance bands or another Brawd member hauling me up to get to the bar!

12. What is your favourite nutritious meal and what is your guilty pleasure?

Favourite nutritious meal, smoked haddock on a bed of steamed spinach and garlic mash topped with two poached eggs and a shed load of black pepper. Guilty pleasure, pork scratchings- the devil in a packet!