1. What do you do for a living? What would you do if your job didn’t exist?

I make a living in a number of ways; I run a business consultancy firm specialising in process improvement and management systems; I am a full-time university lecturer (weekends and evenings) teaching Leadership and Management, and I run a Taekwondo school in Cardiff with my wife, Lisa.

Still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up

2. You’ve come across many extra-curricular activities as a result of Brawd, which has been the best?

Performing in the band, for the first time in 35 years, that was put together to perform at the Brawd Christmas party, with Coach Craig, Chris Saunders, Peter the Meat and JD.

3. You’ve usually got a lot going on. Can you give us a typical busy day and how you fit everything in?

I try to get up around 6:30 and go to the gym, get back from the gym and drop my daughter to the train station, I have breakfast,, shower and go to work.
I generally go to my client site , I am lucky I work for myself therefore I aim to be there for 10:00, to miss the traffic and allow me to train.
I usually spend the morning working with clients, in the afternoon I will develop material based on actions from the client meetings, or mark some Students assignments;
Depending on the day I will either spend the evening working at the university, or teaching Taekwondo.
I usually get home around 9:00.

4. As well as training with Brawd, do you undertake any other training?

I do general training, cardio and strength at the local gym in the mornings, but I also train in Aikido and get some training when I teach Taekwondo, and go Paddleboarding

5. I know music is a big part of your life. Can you give a good memory of performing and one you’d rather forget?

A good memory was my first performance singing with my mate’s rock band, I sang the lead to Foo Fighters Everlong upstairs in the Park Hotel, Barry to a packed bar. Great feeling

The one I would rather forget was in Whitchurch at a club know as a musicians hang out. I had started playing acoustic and singing. I was playing Colin Hay – Overkill and spent ages learning the solo; during the performance I got solo, 3 notes in and my mind went blank, I looked at the audience and said “you know how the rest goes”

6. You more than most have experienced probably every type of Brawd training session: which ones stand out? (where were they, who was coaching etc)

There are a couple that stick in my mind:

When we first start doing early morning sessions on a Tuesday, over the Island with Daf. There was one session there was about 6 of us training and the sun was coming up towards the end of the session. I remember thinking how mellow and peaceful everything was, and felt completely relaxed.

There was another session training on a Saturday on the beach. As we did the various exercises on the beach we had a drone following us; that session was run by Mark (risk assessment) Lloyd

7. Would your life best be represented using a movie, a stage show, a novel or a Cartoon. What type would it be and what would it be called?

Probably a stage show, there are lots of things constantly happening behind the scenes and no two shows are the same. Got to be called “the Life of Brian”

8. Could you design a Brawd session (where? Using which equipment? Music? etc) and following social activity?

Good warm session with a stretches – to some mellow tunes
Some basic body weight strength sessions. – Rock tunes
Finish of with cardio with three options to get from Whitmore bay to Jacksons Bay SUP, Swim or Run to a waiting Family BBQ
Cool Down with a cold bottle of San Miguel

9. Press shuffle on your phone/iPod etc: which are the first four songs that come up? I.e. not ones you’ve chosen but what randomly comes up?

Foo Fighters – Everlong acoustic (honestly)
Rush – A Passage to Bangkok
Paul Dempsey – Volunteers
Joe Jackson – Fools in love

10. What impact has Brawd had on your life?

Besides the fitness Brawd has introduced me to some great guys, encouraged me to start/restart old passions; such as playing in a band with some awesome people; Also it introduced me to stand up paddle boarding.

11. What are your health and fitness goals moving forward?

I find as I get older I find my primary my focus is more on health, losing weight, getting my health markers (blood pressure, cholesterol etc) into a good range.
Fitness-wise I would also like to improve my stamina, strength and suppleness.

12. What is your favourite nutritious meal and what is your guilty pleasure?

Sweet potatoes, asparagus and chicken
Sausage, egg and chips, Thick White bread and butter

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