Meet the Member – October 2016

With pleasure we introduce Vale of Glamorgan Member of the Month – Mr Arran Dawkins



  1. What do you do for a living? If you were leading a double life, ala True Life, what would you be doing in your ‘other’ life?

Nice easy one to start you’d think but I always struggle to explain my job. My job title is SAP HANA Platform Technical Architect (exactly, you can’t make it up) but in a nutshell I help to design, sell, implement and support IT solutions and services. Kind of fell into IT after college and whilst I wouldn’t choose the same path again, I enjoy the work and the flexibility it offers. Other life would be professional footballer, can’t beat being part of a team or my childhood dream of being a stuntman, how I managed to make it to 40…

  1. You’ve just come back from the Brawd Adventure weekend. What were the best parts?

Honestly, the whole weekend, travel, activities, banter, meals. Every activity was a winner but for me Monster Sup topped it, the laughing aftermath of the wipeout video brings a smile every time.


  1. A film crew has been following you around for the last year documenting your life. What would the doc be called and which famous actor would do the narration?

This is a really hard one, will go with ‘Heavy Traffic but The Music ‘s Good’ as life has got a whole lot busier with both mine and Michelle’s jobs, the kids both at school/activities and fitting in social and Brawd sessions. No complaints though, loving the mayhem!! Actor, would have to be Tom Cruise.


  1. Before joining Brawd, what exercise/sport did you do? How does being in Brawd compare?

Just before joining I was just doing Stronglifts 5×5 in the garage but had started to lose interest and before moving to Wales I always played football. The team ethic, banter and competitive edge of Brawd are a lot more like it was with my old team, just with less beer after.


  1. What secret skill do you have that would surprise your fellow Brawd members?

Don’t really have any 🙁 As a kid I was a bit of a breakdancer and can still manage a few turns of the turtle, maybe one for the Xmas party.


  1. Beach, Porthkerry or Atlantic Way crossfit: which is your favourite playground for a Brawd session?

Love the sessions at Atlantic way but I’d have to say beach, reminds me how lucky I am.


  1. In a Brawd Party, what fancy dress would you wear and what song would you sing karaoke to?

Given the nickname given to me by Stez and Pops that seems to have stuck (I’ve been called worse), it would probably be fighter pilot and ‘She’s lost that loving feeling’. Otherwise Zorro for the mystery and sword and my drunken go to karaoke ‘New York, New York’.


  1. What your 3 favourite memories of Brawd since you joined: one funny, one challenging, one proud?

Funny – Struggling to pinpoint a favourite funny memory but the recent mixed session before Daf’s wedding has to be up there. We should do those mixed sessions with the kids coming along more often.

Proud – Not specifically a memory of Brawd but crossing the line with Michelle at tough mudder, we would never have seen ourselves doing something like that if it wasn’t for Brawd and Missfit. Also, getting through the 500 rep challenge within the time limit. Was nowhere near the first time we did it so was well chuffed.

Challenging – My first Daf session on a Thursday night in January, when I saw the board I thought you have to be superhuman to get through it. We worked as a team with others taking plenty of reps for me and I still nearly saw my lunch. Soon realised that was just a normal session!


  1. What music is the soundtrack to your day today?

Today, techno rave!! Highly intense, got lost in the noise and when I came up for air, wondered where the last 6 hrs had gone.


  1. What impact has Brawd had on your life?

It’s had a massive impact, training is now something I look forward to and is more than just exercise. I’m pretty sure I’d have given up on training alone in the garage, instead feel fitter than I have for years and made some good friends in the process. Has helped my relationship too, Michelle is part of Missfit so fitness is a priority for both of us and we both enjoy being part of the group. We even go for the odd lunchtime run and talk more than we would over dinner X I’ve also found I watch a lot less TV but not yet sure that’s a good thing.


  1. What are your health and fitness goals moving forward?

I want to do more running, mostly trail with lots more OCR’s (they are addictive) and also try to fit in bit more strength work. Mostly just want to keep enjoying it which for me means keeping it varied and that’s what you get at Brawd. I eat well most of the time but definitely suffer from weekenditis so trying to take some small steps to limit the ‘treats’ I tell myself I’ve earned during the week. Choosing a healthy option when eating out is so far a mystery to me. Since getting a fitbit, I’ve become slightly obsessed with the lack of sleep I get and my resting heart rate, upping one and keeping the other down are also high on the list.



  1. What is your favourite nutritious meal and what is your guilty pleasure?

Nutritious would have to be moroccan salmon with lemony cous cous and roasted veg. I do most of the cooking at home but this is one Michelle always makes so I get a night off and it’s very good. Too many guilty pleasures but I’d have to go with last night’s reheated chinese for breakfast, it always tastes so much nicer.