1. What do you do for a living?

I make my money making promotional videos for companies. My passion is film and I am a creative guy. Being able to work a passion is a huge plus. My parents always told me to do what I love, focusing your energy into a passion you can be paid for must be the ultimate pro of living in the 21st century. Some people manage it, most don’t. I am very glad to be in a position I can do that

2. Can you play a musical instrument? If not, which instrument do you ‘air play’ to when you hear a song you like (which song)?

I played the trumped in primary school. I thought it was the coolest instrument, however my teacher really turned me off it by her teaching methods so I turned to singing. Singing is way more fun in day to day life and you don’t need to carry a special case for your instrument! These days I mainly sing when I drunk, so this weekend I’ve been serenading all sorts. On a night out my instrument of choice is generally air bass. My neck is remarkably flexible, I love to twist like a bad ass bass slapper.

3. Brawd and MsFit hold sessions all through the Vale of Glamorgan – what’s your favourite and is there any place we haven’t been yet that you’d like to train at?

Penarth with Jen on a Friday is always close to my heart. I’m a Penarth Iad through and through and working out in locations I know and love is fantastic, getting a different point of view of well-known places of my life is fab.

4. Who is your hero? Who inspires you to do better every day or keeps you going in the tough times?

I’ve never had a singular idol. There is not one person I would model my life on or aspire to their level. You have to get the best out of yourself. Working hard with what you’ve got is important to me. I take aspects of lots of people I’ve met, am impressed by or touched by their story. I like to use them to help better myself.

5. You’re regularly seen at the joint MsFit/Brawd sessions; what’s do you enjoy about these sessions and how do they differ from the Brawd only ones?

My regular slots are definitely Tuesday and Friday morning. I’m an early bird and would love Brawd to do more! I find a smashing morning session really sets me up for the day. Other sessions I would attend (Saturday morning and weds evening) are taken up by badminton and lacrosse. I like to keep myself active outside of boot camp. Variety is the spice of life!

6. If you add a reaction button to Facebook – such as the thumbs up/lol face etc. – relating to Brawd, what would it be?

I would add a respect button. People often post their own workouts/runs in the group. This works too good in my view. Spurring people on to get out there and do more and also to get the respect from others to keep up the good work.

7. Which team sport do you think the Brawd members could be good at? And which members would be the stars of the sport?

The Brawd lot are all characters, I think dodgeball would be the perfect mix of athletics and personality. But for the purposes of the question I’ll pick 5 members. 1. Arron. Like a little whippet, he keeps going and has the looks to draw the crowds in 2. Steve Cleaver. Someone whose outfits are constantly entertaining. (A man after my own heart) 3. Jackson. Always hilarious and a real crowd pleaser 4. Wattsy, the work horse! 5. Lloydy mainly to embarrass his lovely partner Becky.

8. We’ve got lots of Brawd merchandise, which item of clothing or exercise equipment would you add to the catalogue?

Leggings! I always wear them, I would prefer to be too warm than too cold. Especially as I’m a morning sessions guy. Ideally navy blue with Brawd and fists! (Not that I’ve thought about it)

9. IPod/phone music/CD shuffle – what are the first 3 songs out of the box?

1. AC/DC – Thunderstruck
2. 99 Red Balloons – Nena
3. Daft punk – Around the World. These guys have always been there!

10. What impact has Brawd had on your life?

Brawd came along at a very difficult point in my life. I have known Daf over 10 years. Initially he reached out to me to do some video editing work in 2015. I had just found out my mother was terminally ill with cancer and sadly she died in March 2016 and a tough breakup a few months later. But Daf and Lloydy were great… they were there with support and positivity to help me push through. See the positives. Work for myself. Through the stress and strain I put on a lot of weight and with their help I shed 5 stone! I feel much better now and far more myself.

11. What are your health and fitness goals moving forward?

This is a great question. Goals are incredibly important. But through Brawd I have learned that they are not everything. Life gets pretty boring otherwise. I play lacrosse for wales. Next year I’ll be going to my 4th World Cup. I have structures and programmes outside of Brawd to keep me going but Brawd really helps me push myself in a group environment where it is easy to slack when working out on your own.

12. What is your favourite nutritious meal and what is your guilty pleasure?

I work very well on low carb. So a fatty meat with lots of green veg is filling and tasty! Guilty pleasure is ice cream or cake. Unfortunately my girlfriend is a cake maker. Because of her I’ll need to get my butt to more Brawd sessions!

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