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Testimonial for Brawd Online Coaching with Precision Nutrition (PN)

I have been using PN coaching for the last 5 months and have had some success using this method to date I have lost 1 & ½ stone and my weigh has been stable.

Personally I have always struggled with my nutrition, an all or nothing kind of guy you might say.

I have picked up loads of great recipes and food ideas from the Brawd online lifestyle centre this has widened my nutritional knowledge which, ties in well with using PN coaching.

Using this system has kept me on track with a higher level of consistence and the lessons have helped to focus on day to day food choices.

Previously if I had a bad couple of days I would start again on Monday even though I had 3 or 4 days till Monday in some cases, with PN I draw a line under the bad days and start again.

The programme starts off at a slow pace and encompasses lots of areas that I had not even thought about.

I would highly recommend this programme to anyone.

If I am unsure of anything food or exercise related the online webinars through Brawd have given me great support, it’s nice to know your part of a group who are all really supportive.




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Brawd ONLINE Lifestyle Centre

Stephen Cleaver – Local Lifestyle Centre – Vale of Glamorgan

Brawd ONLINE Lifestyle Centre

I have always been a pretty active person and since I have stopped playing rugby, I have bounced around various training plans and activities; gym sessions, swimming classes, triathlons and trail running.

These have had varying degrees of commitment, intensity and success. However, through all these I never really paid much attention to nutrition, figuring that as I was training I could pretty much eat what I wanted. I never really made the obvious connection to fuelling the body! From time to time I would look at diet fads as I wanted to lose fat but they never lasted.

I heard about Brawd Men’s Health through a local running club and was introduced to the Online Lifestyle centre and the Precision Nutrition programme and thought I’d give it a go.

I’m about 4 months in now and really loving it.

From the start, I was attracted to the philosophy of not being perfect but just being better! This linked to the pretty simple principles of healthy eating rather than counting calories, avoiding specific food groups or fasting (!!!) really suited me.

The other aspect that I found different was the regular emails and online lessons. Rather than being overbearing, these have really been informative and in some case insightful but most importantly to me, they are there as a gentle reminder or as I’ve learned a trigger to keep thinking about healthy lifestyle and moving in the right direction.

I have also found the online community and Facebook live sessions interesting, having a group of similar people with similar goals has been another source of encouragement to keep trying to be better!

I was with BRAWD at the very start of its journey and I have managed to hold on to this rollercoaster ever since. I feel that I now fully understand what is needed to improve my health and wellbeing from a fitness and training perspective, such as strength and conditioning, principles of trail running, HIIT etc. but I was still struggling in understanding nutrition and diet. I was given some ideas from a previous health and fitness company which were good but not sustainable and told me what to do rather than explaining what to do.

I am a guy in my late 40’s, I have a hectic life, a job that’s way too stressful on occasion, so naturally when tired , stressed or generally fed up I end up having 1 more drink than I should, raiding the ‘sweets’ cupboard late at night. So whilst hitting my training goals, this was making no real difference to my diet and weight.

Luckily Brawd introduced Precision Nutrition (PN) coaching in winter 2016 and it has made a huge difference to my health and lifestyle.

PN has given me structure and a philosophy to better understand and explore my nutritional options. The daily lessons are quick and to the point, and not condescending. They give you great ideas and new ways to look at life such as

  • Eat to 80% full
  • Start each day new

And my favourite

  • Quit tomorrow

I try to use a lot of the mantras each day, not always successfully.


PN has also explained food and nutrition in greater depth so I now have a far more solid foundation of knowledge around such things as good and bad fats, distances foods travel, what processing does to foods.


Because of PN and my greater understanding of nutrition and healthier eating and living combined with my love of cookery I can now create some really fabulous and healthy meals for me and my family, understanding what fuel is going into our bodies and making the right choices with it.


Brawd on-line has also added an extra dimension to PN, whilst PN is very much a solo journey and there is very little need for  a coach or mentor as the lessons very much answer all of your questions, Brawd on-line brings that little bit extra with the Webinars and SME’s talking about different topics live, interesting emails discussing a range of issues that is linked to the body, mind and soul. Brawd on line also gives that element of community discussion with people you have never met and probably won’t, but you all have experiences, thoughts and ideas and as such it perfectly complements PN.

The Online Coaching Programme with Brawd and Precision Nutrition (PN ) has been an eye opener!

I was a little sceptical at first having previously tried various diet plans without lasting success.

The first thing to point out is that this is not a diet! There are no banned foods/drinks and you are not required to eat specific foods/drinks.

The second point is that it’s not a quick fix. We all know that to have lasting results you need a lifestyle change. The way this programme guides you with fortnightly ‘habits’ means that in time choosing the healthy option is second nature. These healthy habits also transfer to your family life, with your kids choosing the right options without even thinking about it!

It’s not all about food or calorie intake against expenditure. The PN programme habits make you step back from the bustle of everyday life and think about your lifestyle as a whole. It also helps develop mindfulness by taking time outs or making sleep rituals and exploring how and why we make certain choices. Your mindset changes, which cascades to all areas of your life.

The support network provided by the coaches is faultless. You can private message from the PN website, or join the Facebook group to get tips and tricks from the coaches or others on the PN programme. If you have a question, a simple post will result a variety of ideas and solutions. There’s plenty of information from workout routines to healthy recipes, and plenty of light hearted banter.

At the end of the day, you can’t fault results. I’ve been on the programme for 5 months. In that time I’ve lost nearly 2 stone and I’m healthier, happier and more confident than I have been in many years. I’m really glad I took a chance with the PN programme and I’m looking forward to many happy healthy years because of it.

The Brawd Online Lifestyle Centre with Precision Nutrition


Apprehension – what am I doing? Letting Lloydy talk me into signing up for something that is going to last 12 months? I never stick at things that long and it will get boring!!! I was also thinking, if everything is coming in daily bitesize lessons how will you build up knowledge and get a clear picture.  This will take for ever and I won’t get results!!


I have been on the plan since late September now and the concerns above have not materialised, in fact the opposite has happened.  I haven’t got bored; the daily rhythm of lessons actually suits me. I haven’t got time to read whole books on health and fitness and nutrition and would probably fall asleep anyway.  The lessons are short enough to capture your interest, impart of few nuggets and then you can reflect as you want.


So I think so far I have taken 3 key things:


Time – The routine of having a daily lesson to read/listen to has made me focus and make time.  So I now have 15 mins every morning blocked out in my diary to PON Coaching.  This is the first habit you will do on PN and it has made me realise that I can make time if I want to.  It’s my time and even at work it’s my time and I can choose how I use for mine and others benefits.  This has started to make me think in a more mindful way about all sorts of things: what I eat, drink and how I react to situations.  It is early days and doesn’t always work but I have noticed it happening and its surprising how much confidence that can give you.


Nutrition –The nutrition advice has been interesting and informative. They don’t blind you with science or too much detail (although its there if you want it). They give you a platform and make you question your choices and offer alternatives.  That is really powerful, we all know roughly what’s bad for us but knowing what to replace it with or deliver it up in a different way is what you really need to know.


Don’t beat yourself up – the mantra of “just be a bit better today” is really powerful.  I think we all work hard, all face challenges and criticisms in our personal and professional lives so why make your life harder by joining the bandwagon and beating yourself up as well.  You are not going to be on it all the time, you will drink too much, have some shitty food have a bad day or week – with the tools you are getting from PN you are develop the ability to reflect and move on. Its sounds cheesy but you aren’t on a diet you are actually changing your approach to life.


So I have been on it since late September, its taken time and I have thought will I see results but for me it has kicked in over the last few weeks.  I am starting to loseweight now, 5-6lbs without trying.  I’m planning meals and thinking more imaginatively about food.  My exercise frequency is a bit hit and miss but I’m not panicking if I miss a boot camp or don’t run for a few days.  I just make sure I get out there when I can.  I am feeling pretty positive about what the next 7-8 months will deliver.

I am now five months in to the twelve month Pn Nutrition programme.

My goals were and remain different to most. I have not been looking to lose weight but instead keen to learn more about nutrition and gain muscle. I stated the programme weighing less than 10 stone. I am now 10 stone 3.  

Not the most compelling testimonial you might think?

So what else has changed and why bother? The most powerful feature of the Pn programme has been the practicing and reinforcing of habits. These are simple and often obvious but by focusing on these one at a time and learning about the reasons why these are so important they tend to stick. They have built and are continuing to build a way of life and not a diet. This is realistic and sustainable.

Boot camp with the Vale Lifestyle Centre made me feel fitter PN nutrition has made me feel healthier. My body shape is changing as I build muscle, I am injury free for the first time since kick starting improving my fitness.

A worth while journey so far and less than half way through. Slow?

I’d say progressive body and mindset changing.

Mark Lawlor – Local Lifestyle Centre – Vale of Glamorgan

Greg Nicholas- Local Lifestyle Centre – Vale of Glamorgan

Ice Mike – Local Lifestyle Centre – Vale of Glamorgan