Our private outdoor all-weather gym

The Trên Station (Welsh for Train) is like nothing else out there! Unique to Brawd and the Goodsheds in Barry!

Welcome to the Trên Station

Welcome to the Trên Station

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    Brawd’s very own outdoor gym facility at the Goodsheds in Barry.

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    Brawd at The Trên Station delivers a wide range of diverse classes including strength, yoga, kettlebell, suspension trainer and much more.

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    Removable cover and commercial gazebo to ensure comfortable and safe training in all weathers.

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    Custom all weather rig with 8 strength bays that can be utilised for barbell training right through to a bootcamp style workout.

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    Wide range of equipment used including male and female barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and much more.

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    Offering a hub for all types of training from large group to 1:1 Personal Training.

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    This cutting edge facility is also available for private hire.

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    Train then eat, drink and play the first sustainable Urban High Street in the UK – The Goodsheds.

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    Our partners Anturio will also be offering a wide range of SUP Workshops and Course including SUP Fitness.

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