You are always right

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are always right”

I like that quote… touches on part of our Brawd blueprint that is a passion of mine – Mind.

3 MindDuring endurance events, rugby matches and indeed life itself, I’ve had moments where my self limiting beliefs have provided an additional hurdle to overcome.

These might have taken root following previous “failures” or set backs.

You might encounter similar challenges when applying the Nutrition Programme Habits we use in our Online Programme, or whilst running a favourite event in our calendar, The Darth Mannion, or when pursuing your ambitions.

So as one of our ‘newer’ coaches, I thought I share a story below that nicely illustrates this point.

The Elephant Rope Story

As a man was passing the elephants, he suddenly stopped, confused by the fact that these huge creatures were being held by only a small rope tied to their front leg. No chains, no cages.

It was obvious that the elephants could, at anytime, break away from their bonds but for some reason, they did not.


He saw a trainer nearby and asked why these animals just stood there and made no attempt to get away.

“Well,” the trainer said, “when they are very young and much smaller we use the same size rope to tie them and, at that age, it’s enough to hold them. As they grow up, they are conditioned to believe they cannot break away.

They believe the rope can still hold them, so they never try to break free.” The man was amazed.



These animals could at any time break free from their bonds but because they believed they couldn’t, they were stuck right where they were.

Like the elephants, how many of us go through life hanging onto a belief that we cannot do something, simply because we failed at it once before?

Failure is part of learning; we should never give up – just because we thing we can’t – because we can

Whether you can or you can’t – you’re always right

Coach Geraint – Brawd Men’s Health




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