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Most “Fitness” programmes just look at one thing… FAT LOSS or MUSCLE GAIN.

Our take on this?

No good having a bikini body or a 6 pack if your life is a mess.

This Programme is like NOTHING else out there!


  • Body

  • Adventure

  • Mindset

Programme Element – BODY


  • Habit Change Coaching

    We’ll guide you through a powerful habit based Lifestyle Coaching Programme . This takes care of everything from what to eat, right through to “Why am I in the fridge at 22:00”

  • Everything is tracked and logged

    All you have to do is some simple measurements and upload progress photos every now and then (if you like of course)

  • Lifestyle Change in less than 10 minutes a day

    Commit to just 10 minutes a day. You can either read on your smartphone or listen as a podcast

  • Simple guided Exercise Programme

    Prescribed and guided simple exercise programme that can be done anywhere and is short, sharp and effective. All you’ll need is your smart phone!.

Programme Element – ADVENTURE


  • Every Month attend an outdoor bootcamp (above)

    Every month you’ll have the chance to attend one of our legendary bootcamps (in person) ( In the Vale of Glamorgan or Swansea)

  • If you can't make it in person

    Then we’ll be running live feeds from them anyway so you’ll feel part of the action and can join in online

  • Experience one of our Micro Adventures

    Twice over the 12 week programme, you’ll also be able to experience one of our legendary Micro adventures (in person). This could be a guided run around the Heritage Coast or yomp around the Gower

  • Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard

    (Optional) At the end of the 12 weeks you’ll have the option to learn to Stand Up Paddle board with myself and my colleagues who are also qualified instructors

Programme Element – MIND


  • Up to 4 hrs of Dedicated Coaching per Week

    Dedicated group coaching hours in the first week via fb live and video Webinars with our Online Coaches

  • Guided Lifestyle Change Webinars

    A dedicated, interactive Webinar on the subject of choice from the group once a month. This will also be recorded

  • Private Gated Membership Area

    Access to our online Coaches via our private gated fb group

  • Support, support and more support

    And of course – support from likeminded women and men on the same journey

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Still not convinced?

Don’t forget, we’re already running online membership programmes with our Vale of Glamorgan members who are seeing fantastic results.

Not just with fat loss but with overall Health and Mindset.

The links below tell their story…

Ms.Fit – Women


Brawd – Men


Are you ready for a Lifestyle REBOOT ?

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