Mind | Body | Adventure

At Brawd we live life to the full through the body, adventure and mind.

Brawd was born on the South Coast of Wales in the Vale of Glamorgan. Brawd is Welsh for brother as we’re one big happy fit & healthy family.

Our expert team of coaches have a unique approach that has fun & realism at it’s core. In fact we absolutely insist on camaraderie, laughter & leaving your ego at the door – this is what sets Brawd apart. It’s health and fitness for real people with jobs, assignments, kids, and other responsibilities.

We had a humble start running bootcamps on the beach of Barry Island. We still run these bootcamps today but they’ve only gotten better! Training in the wild & running bootcamps on the beaches made up a pillar of what makes Brawd then and it still does now but we expanded and began to offer so much more to our clients from a HQ in the heart of Barry packed with all the fitness toys you could ever want to a sprawling supportive community of adventurers & friends.

We started adventuring together, on land, in the sea, on lakes & rivers. We started socilising outside of sessions and thus we formed ‘the Brawd tribe’ – one big community of loving supportive folks.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve grown an awful lot from our humble roots. We have a one of a kind outdoor gym facility that runs diverse pop up classes, an indoor automated gym, adventure trips to the wilds of Scotland and Cornwall, even more outdoor bootcamps and a growing team – the best part? We’re still growing and learning every single day.