Mind | Body | Adventure

At Brawd we live life to the full through the body, adventure and mind.

Brawd was born on the South Coast of Wales in the Vale of Glamorgan and is Welsh for brother.

Our coaches and members focus on health and lifestyle, but it in a way that has fun in its soul. In fact we absolutely insist on camaraderie and laughter and this is the difference.

Once upon a time we ran bootcamp sessions on the beach in Barry Island and loved it, we still do and fitness sessions like these are very much still at our core but we started to offer our members much much more, a way of life so to speak.

We started doing adventurous stuff together on land and water, we started going out together outside of our sessions and most importantly we started to support each other through life – we learned together and everyone seemed to stick around.

Fast forward a few years and we have something really exciting to offer the world