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About us

Going it alone is tough and that’s why we’ve been helping people in the Vale feel fitter, healthier and happier in the great outdoors since 2013!

Lloydy full bio

I’m the Founder of Brawd so I’m passionate about doing this “exercise thing” slightly differently to everyone else and in living life the Brawd way.

My job is to make sure you’ll love training with us, have fun and get fit. I also want you to laugh a lot so that you want to come back for more!

The idea is do die young as late as possible

Cara full bio

My passion is helping people, simple as that. The way i choose to help people is through health and fitness. I generally coach that strength and condition classes as that is where my speciality lies.

See you at the Tren

Tom full bio

I’ve always found exercise has the ability to improve how I feel both physically and mentally. Sharing these benefits through Brawd is extremely rewarding and watching people take it on and battle their own adversities is extremely gratifying.

Basically making people live happier lives makes me happy.

Craig Full Bio

I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over 20 years and I still love working with people, especially at Brawd.
Nothing beats seeing the Brawd camaraderie, commitment and transformations. This is why I’m so passionate about Brawd as a way of life

Nic Full Bio

I’ve been part of Brawd since 2014, starting as a fellow member I came along for a trial and never left!

From my own personal transformation and lifestyle change through Brawd, as a coach I now love helping our members get the most out of training with us and living the Brawd lifestyle.

Rhodd Full Bio

I’ve been working in the field for two years, after realising I wanted to purse a career in my passion – staying active.

Nothing beats being in the outdoors and that’s why coaching with Brawd was for me!

In my spare time you’ll see me running or if I can escape from Cardiff, on a hike, followed by a prosecco!

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