Personal Training

Brawd Personal Training  is our premium service where we focus at the highest level on only YOU and what results YOU want for your body and lifestyle.
We then make sure you achieve them.
So why choose a Brawd Personal Trainer?
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    You lack motivation

    Waiting for motivation to turn up for you is a myth and that’s why many of us struggle with motivation. It’s nearly always easier to find an excuse not to go move or exercise and we are going to be honest with you, having to pay for an Personal Trainer means you have no choice! You won’t get a refund, so you may as well as go. The principle is similar to having a training partner. Only this time you have a professional at your beck and call. All you need to do is turn up – no matter how you feel.

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    You’re seeing no results from your current efforts

    Over a number of weeks, months or even years you’ve kept active and have an exercise routine, but you’re not losing weight, not toning up or can’t increase your strength like you’d want?

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    You need accountability

    It’s easy to tell white lies to your friends or family, but with a personal trainer there is no hiding. If you don’t follow our advice and guidance whilst your with us and when not – we’ll know – and that’s an incredibly powerful driver to get you the results you want.

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    This is common for many people. It can go hand in hand with the above too. Variety is the spice of life, and for exercising it’s no different. Doing the same old routine and exercises every time you workout is boring, plus you don’t even have to think about it, we do the hard work for you.

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    There is so much information out there today, top tips, do this not that, eat this not that. Unfortunately in reality these types of genetic inspiration information does exactly the opposite. There are a million and one ways to transform your body and lifestyle but where do you start? A qualified and experienced personal trainer will asses your goals, find out what you enjoy and then construct a workout that will work for you. It should challenge, keep you interested and of course help you reach your goals.

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    You have a niggling injury or pain which inhibits you in some way when moving/exercising

    Human nature and habits usually mean that we tend to do the same thing and hope for different results. And this is quite common with “niggles” and “pains” that have been around for longer that you wanted. With the expertise from one of our personal trainers we can adapt everything for you and also refer to one of our specialist partners.

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    You have a wedding, holiday, race, special event where you want to look and feel your best

    You wouldn’t jump in the sea if you couldn’t swim! So whatever your challenge, why not seek a professional’s help?

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    Your overall lifestyle is holding you back

    At first your Brawd Personal Trainer will focus on exercise and movement with you and then help you look at other areas that may be holding you back in getting the results you want.


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