Group Training

It can be really difficult to motivate yourself to exercise and that's why GROUP TRAINING  is our really popular!

Group Training will give you the extra encouragement boost you need to get yourself active and combined with our programming and variation of classes, you'll be motivated, accountable with your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle!

Exposure to an exciting and social environment is the reason why so many of our members prefer this style of training. Our sessions are never the same and the support and camaraderie from your fellow exercise buddies will make it fun, motivating and rewarding.

Some of the other benefits or this style of training is the structure (foundation to build strength, lose weight or tone), support (out trainers will always have your back along with your fellow Brawds) and accountability (you turn up we ensure you give 100%).

Plus you get to do all this at our cutting edge Trainshed Facility right at the heart of Barry plus Bootcamps on the Idyllic Beaches of Barry Island!



Group Classes


Strength and Conditioning but with where one size doesn’t fit all. Lifting weights isn’t just for bodybuilders and “gym-goers”, it’s for all adults who want to live longer and stronger! It’s for mums and dads who want to keep up with their kid and professionals who want to be comfortable in work. It’s for anyone looking to lose weight and improve mental health.


Fight your senses! Whether you’ve had a tough day or you just like your workouts tough. This is where you can let all your senses go. Whilst you battle with yourself, still expect support and camaraderie from your fellow fighters. Boxing, kicking and combat meets rowing, lifting and banging tunes.


Feel the burn, share the love with your partner. Exciting and social, bonkers and fun! Expect big tyres, suspension trainers, sleds, resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, battle ropes, sandbags, your own body weight and anything we can find – even cuddly toys and bat & ball!


BOOTcamp connects you with the benefits of a ‘wild’ workout in the great outdoors’. Get up close and personal with the beauty spots on your doorstep, and find some space for you. Connect To your body, nature and the BRAWD community. Make friends that go further than the field! Get fit, have fun and be social.

Group Training Membership benefits

  • Unlimited Access to 17 Classes a week from Monday to Sunday

  • Private Social Support Group

    Support from your Brawd coaches and peers

  • Members only facility in the Centre of Barry

    Located 100m from Goodsheds with Free Parking

  • Regular member social events

  • First Access to our Stand Up Paddleboarding Courses and Adventure Trips

Are you ready, willing & able to invest time, effort, money and energy into getting results?

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