Semi-Private Group Training

Semi Private Personal Training (SPPT) is a personal and affordable way where you have a personal trainer to hand but shared with 4- 6 people so at a fraction of the costs of a 1:1 trainer.
So why choose this type of training with us?


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SPPT benefits

  • SPPT works out at £13 - £17 per hour. You also have an introduction month at a reduced price.

  • You will have a trainer to hold you accountable and to motivate whilst at your sessions to ensure you are hitting your goals.

  • Everyone will receive their own unique training programme (worth £80)specific to their goals. No matter your starting ability your workout will be tailored specifically to your needs.

  • You will have Body Composition Measurements every 4 weeks (worth £40)
 and access to a private social group with a lifestyle coach so you are never alone.

  • Complimentary Access to Group Training Classes

    Choose from 17 a week from Monday to Sunday

  • Nutritional Guidance

    Coaching all levels of nutrition- from habits, to photo food journaling, to meal tracking and planning

  • Private Social Support Group

    Support from your Brawd coaches and peers

  • Access to The Brawd App

    Track Fitness, nutrition, habits, sleep, progress and more. All from your smart phone.

  • Regular Check-in's with our coaches for accountability and support

    Private and Secure, focused on you.

What times can I book SPPT



Where will I be training ?

You will have our whole Trainshed Gym to yourself and up to a maximum of 5 others



Are you ready, willing & able to invest time, effort, money and energy into getting results?