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When did life stop being an adventure? Remember going on holiday as a kid?

You probably never holidayed with the family to the Amazon or ran an ultra Marathon or stand-up paddleboard-ed around the UK with Grandma. So why was it so exciting?

Maybe it was the unknown? Maybe your dreams weren’t clouded with doubt of being stuck in a traffic jam or being put off by a snotty Trip Advisor review…

At Brawd we’ve started going on adventures again… and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT…


We go out trail running together but don’t just stick to trails or well known routes or pavements… we run through streams, rivers and into the sea just because it’s great fun.


We get out on the water together and have a huge passion for the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). The sheer versatility of the sport and the fact that ANYONE can do it allows us to paddle and more importantly adventure and explore together.


And of course not forgetting our adventure through life. By this we simply mean taking the family to the beach or the forest for a picnic instead of a retail park for a drive-through lunch.


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