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The male body is the best picture of the male soul.


Our Body is our presentation of ourselves as a man to the external world and for some of you that’s why you may be reading this. Whether it’s to lose fat, build muscle, run 10km in 40 minutes or experience less pain, your aspirations for being fit and healthy usually translate to external visible change in your body or tangible results.


One thing that is for sure is that your body represents your lifestyle, it doesn’t lie and it’s a wonderful forgiving thing – up to a point. Looking fit and healthy for most men at Brawd is where they thought they would stop. However with most of us being on the wrong side of youth, at some point as men we need to look at what’s going in as well as going out.


We also need to pay attention to what’s going on inside with many systems of the body. It’s probably not enough for you to “worry about it when you’re older” or when you ”have kids” as most of you are probably there now.
We also look at your health inside, mobility and movement as a man over time.



Our adventure as a man at home, work and play



It all starts and ends here – with the mind



The male body is the best picture of the male soul.





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