Health, fitness and lifestyle for men

It all starts and ends here – with the mind.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”
– Henry Ford

Typically men struggle with the third and possibly most important Brawd element of all – the mind.


No matter how wealthy, how “ripped”, how powerful – behind all this comes a desire as a human to be happy and content with life.


In adult life we may see development and education in a completely different light and it becomes clear to us that if you’re not learning or developing you are wasting your life and this development of yourself is much more than a qualification or degree.


As a man we have our family and our friends and this is so important to our lifestyle. A recent poll of our members put “family” and “companionship” as top of their “3 favourite things in life” and if you look at any cultures in the world that live the longest and happiest lives – they all have a huge social support network.


The male body is the best picture of the male soul



Our adventure as a man at home, work and play


It all starts and ends here – with the mind.




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