Eat more fruit and Veg

Habit : Try to eat more fruit and vegetables

Colourful fruits and vegetables add value to your body. Simple
COLOUR = Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients (plant nutrients).
COLOUR = Good stuff
Veggies and fruits REALLY are natures medicine cabinet.

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The wonderful world of Phytonutrients

HONESTLY – From INGRAINING this habit into my lifestyle.

I am rarely ill and ALWAYS have energy (those that know me will know what I’m talking about 🙂

Keep it simple

Don’t get bogged down in the details or worry about the “best” kind of fruit / vegetable.

[Try] getting five servings of colourful plants in your meals in a day.

Just try… even just one more meal with more veg than before is good enough.

Find stuff you already enjoy, or try something new.

[JUST ASK IN THE GROUP] – we all have plenty of experience on this

Feel free to eat more than five servings.

[Note] . If you’re on blood thinners such as Warfarin or Coumadin, check with your doctor before bumping up the veggies.

Dark leafy greens are loaded with vitamin K, a nutrient involved in blood clotting.

You can eat more green leafy veggies, but you may need to adjust your medication dose.

Ok? What does a sample day of more colourful eating look like?


Just try and add a little bit more… bit by bit

Here are some ideas for getting more colour into your day




And that works out at a LOT more than 5 portions the recommended amount you should be getting!


Focus on adding, not subtracting

The first thing most people do when trying to eat better is focus on what they can eliminate.

“I gotta get rid of X and quit eating so much Y. And no more Z!”

Logical, but also depressing and depriving.

Because now, all you can think of is what you’re not eating.

But what if we told you to eat more? As in more of the right foods?

As in consuming an abundance of Nature’s delicious and nutritious bounty?

Well, that sounds much more fun. And in practice, it works a lot better.

How to Prep and Cook your Veggies

There are many ways, but here are 4 simple ones

  1. Eat them raw, but if that gets boring make a salad

Or put them in a smoothy

Popeye Fruit Smoothie

2. Steam

3. Grill

4. In a Soup of Stew (or my favourite – in the slow cooker)!!