Come into the Wild of Barrifornia with us

For most of 2020, we’ve lost out on two of the most essential components of health and happiness: direct interaction with nature and with other people.

Nothing connects Brawd members more than their love for the great outdoors. As we return to open spaces, Brawd is heading back into ‘The Wild’; our monthly membership bootcamp series.

If you love a good workout, then Brawd offers you the chance to lap up the benefits of a Brawd ‘wild’ workout on the shores of ‘Barrifornia’, and invigorate your mind in the vast open spaces when you train at picturesque Vale country parks & gardens.

The majority of our workouts are done in any open space with no equipment at all; the rest is done either with naturally occurring objects, or with functional equipment like kettlebells, suspension trainers and resistance bands.
So whatever your fitness level, come and join the pack that’s got your back!


  • Unplug yourself from technology and schedule a regular date with the great outdoors! Get up close and personal with the beauty spots on your doorstep, and find some space for you.

  • To your body, nature and the Brawd community. Make friends that go further than the field! Get fit, have fun and be social.

  • You’ll always find us on the shores or surrounded by trees, reaping the benefits of mother nature. From offering up a good dose of vitamin D to improving our mood, there isn’t much we can’t rely on her to provide.