SUP Improvers Open Water Ocean Training

A theory and practical workshop for those who already have some experience paddling and now want to feel more confident, equipped and safe on the Ocean

Based around Barry Island  we teach you how to paddle SAFELY in the Ocean around this area.


Living on a dynamic area of UK coastline means the sea and weather are constantly changing in our paddling environment.
So to help those of you that are ready to explore a bit further, we’ve created a stepping stone theory and practical session that equips the SUPer with the WHAT WHEN and WHERE you could paddle around this beautiful area of the world.
This training would also be suitable for any SUPer that wants to explore further on the ocean.
This interactive and very personal session is tailored for those who already SUP on the Ocean and need some more knowledge, skills and confidence for exploring further.
During our time together we explore clear boundaries and strategies for you to use in the future when paddling in the open ocean.

SUP Improvers Open Water Ocean Training

Our session together will be shaped around the items below:

  • Why are you hear?

    This allows us to tailor the session to meet your specific needs

  • Your SUP burning question/biggest fears/goals?

    One or all of these will have brought you here, so it's good for us to explore them with you

  • Where to start and end our paddle today

    Theory and planning with the conditions on the day - then later put into practice

  • Logistics of travelling to and from the start and end point.

    One way? Need a shuttle? Incoming or outgoing tide? We plan this together

  • Weather conditions

    How does the weather affect our planning and paddling

  • Open Water conditions and features

    We look at all the water conditions, features and considerations for paddling in the open ocean.

  • What the are risks, issues and benefits?

    Planning, preparing, judging and making the call

  • SUP equipment and clothing on and off the water

    Covering but not limitef to SUP, fin, leash, communication, PFD, clothing and drybag contents.

  • Strategies for dealing with the dynamics of paddling in the open ocean

    Based on the WSA - CLAPT teachings and principles.

  • Then we go and paddle our planned journey!

    Practice what you've planned under the expert guidance of our WSA Adventure guide

    We only take a maximum of 4 on this course so we can tailor to the needs of the small group.

    At this level we also expect you to own your own equipment for the course. PFD (Personal Floatation Device is mandatory).

    Your investment  £85.

    Sun 22nd May

    09:30 - 14:00 (approx)

    Sun 24th July

    11:00 - 18:00 (approx)

    Sun 18th Sept

    09:00 - 14:00 (approx)

    Not sure? Just drop an email to and we'll see if we can help.

    Outline of the Course

    Approx 120 minutes - Theory and planning

    Approx 60 minutes - Logistics for SUP Journey

    Approx 120 minutes - Practical - SUP Journey

    Theory session is based at The Trên Station which is Brawd's outdoor gym at The Goodsheds development (see map below) or click link here 

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