15 Amazing Cooking Tips from Brawd


  1. Keep spices in cool dark place
  2. Don’t be afraid to smell fish for freshness – it should NOT smell fishy
  3. Keep fish simple – good grind of salt, pepper and freshly squeezed lemon and or lime juice (extra tip – roll the lime quite hard between your hands to maximise the amount of juice you get out)
  4. Peeling an onion – see coach Andy …
  5. Fresh garlic tastes sweeter and should not be bruised or sprouted. Fresh garlic is firm. You can use cloves with shoots just discard the stems
  6. Listen to music or podcasts whilst cooking
  7. If it don’t work first time don’t worry. Some of the best and worst experiments in the kitchens are responsible for how we eat today.
  8. For creamy dressing change out the mayo for greek yoghurt, low fat natural yoghurt or SKYR
  9. Left over sauce? Put it in ice cube trays and freeze – then you can use as a quick sauce by putting a frozen cube in a cup in the microwave and/or small frying pan
  10. Recipes are a GUIDE – feel free to replace similar ingredients.
  11. Is your Oil hot enough? Place a wooden spoon in the oil and if it bubbles around the wood then get it those ingredients in!
  12. If you can – rest steaks at room temp for about an hour before cooking
  13. If cooking pastry – use a weighing scales – this is a fine art!
  14. Always use high quality olive oil – the ingredients should be just pressed olives not other cheap oils
  15. Sharp knifes are much safer
  16. Rub fingers in stainless steel sink for 20 secs to get rid of garlic smell

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