Brawd Mindful and Valued Lifestyle Approach

In the first part of this series we look at a simple 4 step approach to exploring, understanding, appreciating and then understanding a valued approach to your lifestyle.

Quite often we get wrapped up in life and spend much of it on autopilot which is quite normal, but sometimes we need to take a little look at how are lifestyle is fulfilling our values as a man because if your lifestyle isn’t generally doing this – you’re likely to be unhappy.

At Brawd we believe that by applying our body, adventure and mind elements to your life you can slowly but surely life a happy and fulfilling one.

Step 1

Simply acknowledge and just become aware of how much time you spend in your current lifestyle looking after your body,  looking for adventure(what ever that means to you) and taking care of your mind.

Step 2

Understand the value you place on these elements. Of course one may be more important to you than the other. Don’t forget we break down our Body, Adventure and Mind elements into further attributes as below:

LIFESTYLESo for example – maybe you put a lot of value on living a long life for your children (longevity) – but you’re smoking 20 a day and eating crap…… this makes you unhappy because you know it’s a value you place highly on yourself but your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to Practice it

Maybe you used to love running or being on the water but all you do now is work work work and there is no time for pleasure… again this makes you unhappy because its something you value but your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to practice it

Step 3

Appreciate what these values REALLY mean to you.

When we are elderly and sat contemplating our legacy, maybe in a rocking chair..maybe you wont be that lucky if you’re puffing 20 biftas a day…

Will you be thankful and appreciate all the time you spent in the office when you could have spent it doing something of real value? Will you be thankful of all the times you sat watching crap TV rather than running through the woods?

It’s a tough question to ask

Step 4

Practice. Now that you know what floats your boat – at least you can look at making plans to just start doing them.

It sounds too simple and we are not talking about wholesale changes, just a small change bit by bit.

Maybe instead of watching the rerun of Top gear on Dave,  you could spend it…….?

Maybe instead of getting smashed every weekend, you can have just 2 pints and then get up early Sunday morning and do a hobby you used to love….. you may only do this once a month but that may be enough to spark a huge change..

Maybe instead of going to a shopping centre Saturday afternoon with the family and ending up in a fast food chain….make a picnic with the kids and go out and explore something in your area .

Of course this is a whistle stop tour of some of the Mind elements we will be looking at with Brawd.