How to make an easy slow cooker Chicken Recipe

Coach Lloydy one afternoon goes and helps Brawd Member Mark  Lawlor in the kitchen.

Mark is a Professional. single dad, originating from the Emerald Island who doesn’t really know how to cook.

Lloydy spent an afternoon shopping with Mark, where they went and got,  a slow cooker, some cooking gear some herbs and spices and nutritious ingredients.

In this video we show you how to use a Slow Cooker with Chicken, Beans, Pulses and Vegetables.

This is a complete step by step guide and can be used by someone with no cooking skills too.

This is a very nutritious meal and so easy to prepare if you are a very busy man.

Our tip is to prep in the morning before you go to work or at lunch and then enjoy for tea.

Hope you enjoy – we did.