Level 1 – Week 1

Fitness Test

This is a simple fitness test that has stood the test of time.

It’s a fairly good indicator of general upper and lower body overall fitness.

(NOTE: if you are on the PN nutrition programme then skip 1,2, 3 & 4 as you already have this recorded)

  1. Weight KG
  2. Height M/CM
  3. Chest girth cm
  4. Waist girth cm (belly button)
  5. 1KM time trial
  6. 1min Squats Total Reps
  7. 1min Full Range Sit Ups Total Reps
  8. 1min Push Up reps (or count how many to failure)

Below is a 7 day workout that you can try as a complete beginner.

Of course, feel free to mix rest and recovery days in with your normal routine, but if coming into this as a coach potato – this level 1 programme will be enough!

We will add weeks 2-5 as we progress

So get those tunes pumping and have a crack of the below!

Lets reach those fitness aspirations!. It’s time to take some accountability