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A huge welcome to our Private Online Lifestyle Centre and thank you for choosing to invest in yourself by becoming a member of Brawd Men’s Health.

At Brawd we believe we’ve created something special to help men just like yourself create a better, healthier and happier lifestyle.

To ensure you get access to the full Brawd experience, we need you to complete the four steps below.

  1. Request access to our private Facebook group
  2. Request access to the ProCoach nutritional programme
  3. Complete the waiver
  4. Complete the PAR-Q

Whilst you’re waiting for us to confirm your extra privileges, you can jump straight in and browse our video galleries and our extended Brawd Journal.

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Request Facebook access

  1. Click the button above to email us – requesting access to the Private Facebook group
  2. We will check our records confirming you are a member and then grant you access to the group
  3. You will then get a email from us to join the group


Request access to the Nutritional programme

  1. Click the button above to email us with your full name, requesting access programme
  2. We will check our records and add you to the programme
  3. We’ll send you a welcome email from Precision Nutrition’s ProCoach, with more information

And the boring bit, too…

We like to make sure that we take care of our members as best as we can, and in order to do this we need to be aware of your current fitness levels, any existing medical problems, and your health condition in general.

In order to capture the relevant information, we need you to complete the following PAR-Q and WAIVER forms. It’s real simple, and it won’t take long we promise – all we need you to do is fill them out online using the below links.

Once you’re done, just click the ‘send’ button and it will automatically be emailed to us.

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