How to double your life expectancy


Locked into DOING mode…Busy Busy Busy.

You see being locked into the autopilot of DOING mode actually erodes a large chunk of your whole life.


Take a moment to reflect with me.

  • Do you struggle with focus – on what is happening right now?
  • Do you just RUSH through everything, or most activities without being really attentive to them?
  • Do you spend more time thinking of the past or future?
  • Do you tend to walk quickly to where you are going – paying no attention to what you experience along the way?
  • Do you get so focused on the goal or the outcome you want to achieve that you lose touch with what you are doing right now to get there?
  • Does it seem like you are just ‘running on automatic’ without much awareness of what you’re actually doing?


(Don’t worry – I’ve answered “yes” to quiet a few of them too – but not as many as I would if I didn’t know a few tricks!)


In other words you are driven by daily routines that force you to live in your head rather than in your life?

That may touch a nerve with a few of you.

Let’s extrapolate this and apply it to the life you have left – to you.

Say you are 30 – with a life expectancy of around 80

You have 50 years left

But if you are only truly conscious and aware of every moment for perhaps 2 out of every 16 hours a day (not unreasonable).




Allow that to rattle around yourself for a second.

You’ll probably spend more time in meetings with your boss!

If a friend had just told you they had just been diagnosed with at terminal disease that would kill them in 6 years, you would be filled with grief and would comfort them. You would probably tell them to get a bucket list and do it and throw caution to the wind and live life to the full.

Yet – without realising it , you may be daydreaming along such a path yourself.

Say you could double the number of hours that you were truly alive each day.

In effect, this would double your life expectancy.

It would be like living to 130.

We spend hundreds, thousands, millions – on drugs, unproven supplements and vitamins just to squeeze a few extra years out of life. Some are funding research to try and radically expand human lifespan.

BUT – we ALL have the power to do this ourselves. Just by learning to live more mindfully and aware.

Quantity isn’t everything of course.

But if its true, as research suggests, those who spend just a little bit of time on practicing mindfulness are also less anxious and stressed as well as more relaxed, fulfilled and engerised.


Being more mindful is just another form of training.

Being more mindful in your life is really just about observation without criticism.
It gives you a little bit of space to make some better decisions, to be able to get some headspace to make some choices.

Just like running better, maybe learning how to move better with less pain, eating better.

But we so often start in the wrong place, the place that is almost crying out for a little bit of attention and awareness.


Perhaps then life will not only seem longer as it slows down – but you are really here for it too.

Are you here for it?

I thought so

Why not let me help?

Men or women

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Coach Lloydy